Monday, March 29, 2010

Rip it up, tear it down

Over the past few days we started renovating our laundry room. It was the ugliest room in the whole house and hadn't been updated once since 1953. We have been using the washer & dryer that the house came with, and I think they were from the 60's! They still work, but they aren't anywhere near energy efficient using about 35 gal. of water per load! Horrific!

Here are some pictures I was using for inspiration, still stickin to the vintage/retro theme.

I had been looking for a jadite-like color (see below) and found some Behr paint at Home Depot that was similiar. The floor tiles are very dark, almost black, so I decided to use black paint for the trim to echo that. I will update with more pictures soon.

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Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

hi! Thanks for entering my giveaway! How exciting that you're renovating the laundry room! I've been working on my kitchen and have found some excellent and affordable knick knacks and things like that on etsy. I also found reproduction wallpaper on this site: If you ever saw the aviator, they designed some of the wallpapers for that. I did a border in my kitchen using samples of their papers so I didnt have to buy a whole roll. I think I ordered 25 samples! *lol* This site has some really good sources and inspirational photos too! luck, can't wait to see the finished room!!